Business Value Dashboards

Business Value Dashboards

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Business Value Dashboards: Your Pathway to Business Impact Alignment

Although the business value dashboard (BVD) is still a new concept, interest in it is high. I&O leaders are looking for ways to not only show the impact they have on the business, but also to get to a value of conversation and show that I&O can be much more than just another operational cost. In this webinar, learn about the primary concepts around building your next BVD, as well as understand how to evaluate and purchase appropriate tooling.

During our assessment of your business, we will evaluate the following and answer your questions.

  • How a BVD will show the impact of I&O to the business
  • How to evaluate, select and implement your own business value dashboard

Business value dashboard (BVD) success requires an alternative approach to common performance and productivity metrics reporting. BVDs hold promise for I&O teams to clearly demonstrate their positive impact on business priorities.


Paul RuddyCEO & Founder

More Information
  • Why you are measuring the wrong things to get the desired outcome
  • Why we must reframe our story to help business understand our contribution
  • How BVDs offer a smarter approach to measuring success